Raffaello Follieri Is Sick of Jail…Literally

Last month actress Anne Hathaway’s ex Raffaello Follieri, 30, was sentenced to 4-and-a-half years in prison for 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

And while Anne herself seems to have moved on—she recently hinted she’s been dating a “mystery man”—Raffaello is stuck in one spot.  The former high filer is reported to have taken a turn for the worse, healthwise, while being incarcerated in Brooklyn, New York’s federal lockup.

According to Reuters, a letter from Follieri’s lawyer Flora Edwards claims the convicted Italian businessman “cannot eat because the food appears to be spoiled and that the toilet and shower facilities are unspeakably unsanitary. There is excrement in the shower and rats are roaming freely in the area. He says the stench is intolerable.”

Well, nobody said jail was going to be a four-year session at the health spa.

Follieri has complained of “rotten food, foul odors and unclean toilets,” which has led to him “running a fever and [having] blood in his urine.”

On the flip side, Anne celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday and is getting Oscar buzz for her acclaimed role in Rachel Getting Married.

Maybe Raffaello should concentrate on the positives?