Redmond O’Neal: Drinking His Legal Woes Away?

Redmond O’Neal’s less-than-stellar fall just keeps spiraling down. Maybe that’s why he felt the need to hit up the Country Liquor store today in Malibu after his latest court appearance?

Back in September, actor Ryan O’Neal, 67, and his 24-year-old son Redmond were arrested for possession of methamphetamine at Ryan’s Malibu, California, home.

Cops had been conducting a routine check on the younger O’Neal, who is serving three year’s probation for drug charges stemming from last year, when they found the substance in Redmond’s bedroom.

Both father and son were formally charged with felony possession of methamphetamine in October.

Redmond’s mother is actress Farrah Fawcett, who had a long-term off-and-on relationship with Ryan.

His half-sister Tatum O’Neal told People in September, “I’m praying for both of them. I’m praying for my whole family. I hope Red will get treatment. That’s what he needs.”

Now the AFP reports that a plea hearing for both Ryan and Redmond was postponed until January 9, 2009.

Hopefully that blue can from the liquor store in Red’s hand is just a Pepsi. The last thing he needs right now is to add even more charges to his rap sheet!