Carrie Underwood to Shania: ‘Revenge Isn’t So Sweet’

You wouldn’t think that 25-year-old whippersnapper Carrie Underwood would have many words of wisdom for a 43-year-old country-music vet like Shania Twain.

But the “Before He Cheats” singer did dispense some advice to Twain after this week’s Country Music Awards, which Underwood co-hosted and Twain appeared on.

Shania divorced her husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange, earlier this year amid charges of infidelity.

Us Weekly summed up Underwood’s two cents to Twain: “Revenge really isn’t a good path to take. I think you are better off holding your head up high and walking away.”

Maybe that’s because earlier this year, after Underwood stirred up trouble by suggesting that her ex, Tony Romo, still called her, Romo’s current girl, Jessica Simpson, mounted a counter-offensive.  Underwood was forced to publicly apologize to Ms. Chicken-or-Tuna.

Nothing like learning from experience, eh?

If Shania is intent on taking revenge, she’d be better off picking the brain of fellow country songbird Taylor Swift. Now that girl knows how to lash out at an ex.