Ed Westwick Is a K-Swiss Mister

Everyone already knew that Ed Westwick is nothing less than a fashion God, but K-Swiss is elevating the Gossip Girl dude to a whole new, if somewhat more casual, level.

Photos for Westwick’s ad campaign for the sneaker company—dubbed “Pure Classics”—have just been released.  The shots showcase the 21-year-old, British-born actor and budding poet in a white suit, matched with the company’s classic white sneakers.

The photos—shot by photographer Zach Gold at New York’s Splashlight Studios on November 5—will be featured in ads that will run in February and March 2009 issues of various magazines, along with billboards in New York’s Times Square and along Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard.

But there’s no need to wait.  Check out our sneak-peek gallery on the right.  Chuck Bass commands you!