Kanye West Busted for Pap-Smacking Again

Kanye West really doesn’t care about paparazzi people.

In September the rapper made headlines for popping a pap at Los Angeles International Airport (no charges were filed).  Now TMZ reports that West has staged an encore performance in front of a British nightclub.

West was arrested at a Gateshead, England, hotel in the early-morning hours Friday, following a dust-up with a photographer in front of Newcastle’s Tup Tup nightclub.  Irritated that a shutterbug was snapping pics of him leaving the club with four females, the 31-year-old star shoved the camera into the photog’s nose, causing very minor injuries.

Police released West without filing charges after a short investigation.

Wow; apparently Kanye’s as free with his fists as he is with his bladder.

Dude really needs to hang out with fellow noted pap-basher Brad Garrett. They can hit the town and knock a few back—photographers, that is.