Leo Celebrates Birthday with Celeb Pals

One year shy of a milestone, Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 34th birthday in West Hollywood last night with famous pals at club Villa.

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish continued their string of public appearances, rolling together in matching white tops and close-cropped caps.

Also in attendance was a newly cropped Emile Hirsch, who cleaned up his act for the Los Angeles premiere of his new film Milk. On the movie’s premiere carpet, Hirsch walked with his mother.

Hours after the premiere, however, Hirsch swamped mom for a dark haired brunette, seen above slipping out of the venue.

And on the lady note, one person most certainly not snapped coming or going was Bar Rafaeli, DiCaprio’s 23 year-old on/off model girlfriend. Perhaps Leo was surrounded by enough love?