Short-Shorts Pics: Sarah Palin's Body Politic

Short-Shorts Pics: Sarah Palin's Body Politic-photo

Things may not have worked out so well for Sarah Palin in the election, but John McCain's former running mate is already experiencing sunny days again.

The Alaska governor—who caught some heat for her expensive campaign wardrobe—hit the pool in Miami in considerably less ostentatious clothes yesterday, donning a pair of skimpy shorts while basking in the tropical climate of Florida.

The 44-year-old former beauty queen was in town for a gathering of the Republican Governors Association yesterday, where GOP state leaders discussed the challenges facing their party and the country in the coming years.

The eagle-eyed lensmen of Bauer-Griffin captured the former candidate as she rebooted poolside.

The conference was also attended by Texas governor Rick Perry and Missouri gov Matt Blunt. And no, pictures of Perry and Blunt in thongs will not be forthcoming. You're welcome.



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    p.s. forgive the spelling errors, i never edit my rants.

  • jameshetfield

    Holy macaronis. she has amazing legs. she is a nut job but she has amazing legs. why is she a nutjob? what is it about her politics or personality that offends you? is it that she tried to stand in the why of the anti-white afro-centric obama becoming the first black president, and you are such a white coolie, you just couldn't stand it? is it her religious beliefs? if it is, why not whine at martin luther king, too? is it her pro-hunting views or drilling for oil, that annoys you leftists? what is it? otherwise, please just shut the f*ck up, you ugly overweight jewish people.

  • sarah palin
    sarah palin

    wow thats the ugliest thing i seen

  • mitsuye

    sounds like you are the one with ACTUTE downs syndrome. Dont mock peoples problems. You probably wewre born with acute Moronic sysndrome. Jerkoff

  • graal

    David said: Do you even know her.I know she loves pipe. clever........ hahahah

  • Erin

    yeah that is not even stupid

  • chris t
    chris t

    Just be glad the state of your country didn't fall to an old man due to expire, which would have left the presidency with this two bit moron who is one of the most ignorant Americans I've ever heard, (and that's saying a lot, most of you don't even know what state you border much less anything about the rest of the world. Great school system you have!). Now at least she'll pimp herself out for $$ and show the world how close USA came to really flushing themselves down the toilet. Obama infant could be a better VP than Palin.

  • The Fat Guy
    The Fat Guy

    That shouldnt take much, isnt that thing about worn out?!? I still hit it with or without uterus!

  • jesus

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  • me

    I'd do her.

  • Jim62sch

    Sarah is the best, and anyone who believes the BS pushed by Tina Fey and the other Obama fans in the media is a moron. Governor Palin kicks ass and is the future of this country. Look in the comments above and see all of the idiots pushing gossip that was debunked months ago. Hey, Democrats - desperate much? If Sarah wasn't a threat they wouldn't be wasting their time running around trying so hard to smear her.

  • pooteytang

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  • alaskanannie

    David - I got news for ya... Palin is a nutjob. Only a nutjob thinks humans walked the earth with dinosaurs. Only a nutjob wants the End Times/Armageddon to come. Only a nutjob thinks it's good to increase taxes on the oil industry when production is down. She's an idiot. Here's some FACTS for ya: Palin cut the capital budget, but not the operating budget. She grew the operating budget over 20%. And I don't know about you, but I live in Alaska and I don't see a pipeline being built. So not only are you a liar, but so is she. We've never been further from getting a gasline than we are now. Watch and see. Why do you think she wants out of Alaska so bad? She knows her gasline/AGIA fiasco is a dead end. Palin will go down as the worst governor in our history.

  • nuba

    That's alright Noah. Everybody's figured out you're in 5th grade. "Retard" is a cool insult in 5th grade. Use it later on and you just look like a .... retard.

  • thefacts

    No, it is Down Syndrome. No 's', no apostrophe-s, just Down. Go to if you need proof.

  • awesome

    i just love it when kids get all sensitive on these damn blogs, LOL...keep the jokes comin! its CELEBUZZ people....not CNN

  • noah

    You all got me, I'm apparently guilty on all accounts: 1) Having my Mom proud of me. 2) Inability to SpEll and CapitaLize. 3) Lack of compassion. 4) Being too awesome for my own good. Meanwhile, Palin is only guilty of two things: 1) Having a sexy daughter ... Bristol, you little minx. 2) Having a retarded child. Trig Palin 2012!

  • Madonna

    noah-- 1) it's Down's Syndrome (note the apostrpohe and capitalization--something you might miss, you being a moron and all). 2) Shut up. Don't make fun of any kind of difference. Especially in children. Clearly you have a defect. It's called "lack of compassion." Please work on this before opening your mouth again.

  • African-American

    David--Do you know if Africa that a continent? Right, didn't think so.

  • harrypat

    [quote=Tina Fey] ... and after popping out 4 er 5 kids she looks Great. Technically, I think she popped out like 4 1/2 kids... given that her last one is a little defective. And by defective, I mean has down syndrome. THis is for whoever calls himself Noah. You are a very sick indiviual, I bet your Mom is so proud of the way you talk about people. You must have an extremely low IQ.

  • steve

    She did this on purpose... She loves being popular. She wanted to be governor to be popular, not to be a leader...

  • noah

    [quote=Tina Fey] ... and after popping out 4 er 5 kids she looks Great. Technically, I think she popped out like 4 1/2 kids... given that her last one is a little defective. And by defective, I mean has down syndrome.

  • Tina Fey
    Tina Fey

    Come on .. .. let's take a moment. If this was a pic of a supposed celeb you would be tearing her a new one. She has good legs. Okay. She is not old at 44 and after popping out 4 er 5 kids she looks Great. But VP material.. nope.

  • Cliff Clavin
    Cliff Clavin

    They say she is nutjob just because they watch Tina Fey on SNL. Why research a person when you can form an opinion on someone from SNL or the Daily Show. Satire is not news.

  • noah

    Do you even know her. I know she loves pipe.

  • David

    Explain to me how is she a nutjob? You folks are idiots to be tell you the truth. Why don't you folks back up your words with some facts? Do you even know her... She;s only been in the scene for 3 months. I have seen her in alaska for the past 2 years and she has done so much for the state. Cutting our state budget, she struck a deal with building a the pipeline which will supply oil to american in years to come.

  • noah

    i heard she's into bleaching.

  • bawwow

    i would have thought her to be a thong bikini kind-of lady.