How to Live Like…Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner, renowned Hollywood playboy and son of Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, has become a celebrity in his own right over the past few years.

Initially finding fame after appearing on the MTV reality show Princes of Malibu, Brody has been making his way around the reality TV circuit, appearing on the hit show The Hills. He’s currently filming his own reality show, Bromance.

Brody’s celebrity status seems to be growing by the day.  With parties, extravagant vacays, and a constant trail of ladies; he’s living the life that most men his age only dream of. 

Celebuzz dug up the dirt on your favorite reality hottie.


Brody certainly has the genetic make-up to stay in shape, but genetics are not the only contributing factor.  Brody is often spotted leaving the gym, but he stated recently on his blog that he is an avid swimmer.

“One of my favorite things to do is swim, whether it be in a pool, ocean, bathtub, I’m like a f*cking fish.”  He continued, “It’s actually really good exercise out in the water, it works all of your muscles, arms, legs, abs, that’s why you always see professional swimmers with such trim bodies.”


With Brody’s permanent VIP access pass to all of Hollywood’s hottest eateries, the stud still loves to stay home and, believe it or not, cook!  His favorite thing to whip up in the kitchen is eggs, throwing in his own little extras such as sausage, feta, and tomatoes. 


Brody’s role as a reality star has given him the opportunity to hit up Hollywood’s hottest parties as well as make trips to exotic locations, such as Cabo, Hawaii, Miami, and Las Vegas.  Surely fans will get to see Brody living it up in other various vacation spots once Bromance launches.  Usually, his favorite travel partners are his friends Frankie Delgado, Sleazy T, and Doug Reinhardt, but lately he’s been spotted with a new travel companion: his current girlfriend, Jayde Nicole (who just so happens to be Playboy Playmate of the Year).

Keep an eye out, Brody fans, because you’ll be seeing a lot more of this rising star! Especially, if you have the Internet.

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