TomKat Sing Jada Pinket Smith’s Praises

If flattery is everything, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might get the fruitcake factory from Jada Pinkett Smith this Holiday Season.

The couple sat down with People magazine and unleashed an embarrassment of praise on the 37 year-old actress, married to box office gold Will Smith.

“She is a rare woman – a phenomenal friend, mother, wife. She inspires me,” said Holmes, currently starring on broadway in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.

Cruise agrees, adding “Jada tells it like it is. She creates art in her life … She’s effortless. She just has such class.”

Wife and mother Pinkett is currently pimping Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and if the Cruise-Holmes are to be believed, handling it beautifully.

“In what we do and where we are, there aren’t many people you meet who are living on a parallel line … who can understand the pressures,” Pinkett Smith has previously said regarding Tom and Katie.

Pressure? It looks more like a pleasure with these two couples.