Remember When: Madonna Kissed Britney?

Britney Spears’ performances have always been outrageous and H-O-T, and her sexy antics at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards were no different!

On August 28, 2003, the World was sensationalized when 21-year-old Brit French-kissed scandalous Queen of Pop, Madonna. Madge, wearing a skin-tight tuxedo, sang “Like a Virgin,” joined on-stage by Brit and Christina Aguilera. The two younger performers wore racy white “wedding” dresses.

Afterward, no one really cared about X-Tina—all eyes were on Brit and Madonna! Their hot bods and powerful dance movements, combined with their sexual chemistry, forced everyone to take notice!

Madonna and Britney had a brief falling out, but seem to be all good now. Britney appeared in a cameo video for Maddona’s current Sticky and Sweet World tour and even joined Madonna on-stage at her Los Angeles concert on November 6.

Who knows what the future holds for these two. With Britney’s Circus comeback album due within the month (December 2, save the date!), a future duet only makes sense!