Britney Spears Songs Leaked Onto the Internet

With the anticipation for the release of Britney SpearsCircus album at a fever pitch, pretty much everyone is dying to hear it. But some people got a little too impatient.

Five tracks from the album, including the title track and “Out from Under,” have been leaked onto the Internet, according to The album doesn’t receive its official release until December 2—Spears’ 27th birthday.

Way to go, thieves; robbing a young mother of two of her hard-earned income.

Also appearing on the Internet: a new batch of alleged press shots of Britney all dressed up for the arrival of Circus.

Opponents of music piracy are encouraged to wait until the official release to suck in the pop-music bliss of Britney’s newest effort.

Until then, Brit-maniacs can sate themselves with more, more, more EXCLUSIVE pics like this one of Britney and her dance crew preparing for their upcoming promo tour, at