Katherine Heigl: Jazz Baby Birthday Party

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and her musician husband Josh Kelley, 28, got all dolled up in Prohibition-era clothing for an early 31st birthday party at Kate’s mom’s house.

Heigl’s actual birthday is on the 24th.

Heigl, dressed in a shimmery flapper-type gown completed by a white fur stole, pulled up with hatted hubby Kelly in a classic white car complete with interior flowers on Saturday night.

Where are all the celebrity friends to join in the celebration?  It’s understandable that the place wasn’t crowded with Grey’s Anatomy writers…

Maybe they should have invited this dog. The pooch seemed to love Katherine!

And doggie probably would have loved the after party too.  Check the video:

You know it was a good party if you folow it up with McDonalds.