Kim Kardashian: Miami Nice

Kim Kardashian, in a bikini? Impossible!

Okay, maybe not impossible. But it’s still a sight that lightens up the mood on a drab Monday.

Kardashian was in Miami for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the reopening of the Foutainebleau Hotel, where the show was held. Quite naturally, she took the opportunity to make some waves out in the surf.

Though she was attending the show as a mere spectator, Kim was a main attraction, as usual. Fox News reports that Laguna Beach hottie Kristen Cavallari was “desperate” to cozy up to the Dancing With the Stars alum, insisting that she be seated at the Kardashian clan’s table for the lingerie show’s after-party.

Have fun out there, Kim, but be careful. In Miami, the sharks you really need to look out for aren’t the ones with fins.