Robert Pattinson and Crew Prep for ‘Twilight’ Premiere

In news that will surely make the legions of online Twilight fans ga-ga, the movie receives its Los Angeles premiere at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, and Twilight-ers Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed touched down at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday in preparation for the event.

The highly-anticipated vampire flick, based on the book by Stephenie Meyer, opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, November 21. If advance ticket sales are any indication, anyone hoping to attend on opening night would probably do well to order their tickets now.

British-born Pattinson, 22, couldn’t seem to contain his gleeful anticipation for the big night, while homegrown Angeleno Stewart, 18, seemed to be taking hair-dressing tips from her perennially mussy-coiffed co-star. Hey, she did recently reveal that she found Pattinson to be “perfect.”

Of course, judging from fan reaction, she isn’t exactly the only one who holds that opinion.