Video Chat: Angelina Jolie Does the BBC

Video Chat: Angelina Jolie Does the BBC-photo

Angelina Jolie may be preparing to call a wrap on her acting career, but she's still quite willing to talk about the craft of acting at length.

The actress and mother of six sat down with British broadcasting institution the BBC to discuss her new movie, Changeling, on Monday. In the Clint Eastwood-directed movie, which was released on October 31, Jolie plays wronged mother Christine Collins.

In 1928, Collins had her son kidnapped and had the wrong boy returned to her, only to be vilified by a corrupt Los Angeles Police Department when she tried to correct their error.

Check out the interview below:

Jolie reveals that Eastwood is "very decisive; when he wants something, he doesn't chat about it for hours."

Collins is "Very different from me," she notes, calling the character "very soft" and "very shy."

"That's just how you behaved [in that era]," Jolie opines. "You were a lady."

You've definitely come a long way, baby.



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