Amy Winehouse Brings Back The Octo-Hive

Amy Winehouse has brought back the hive! Perhaps it needed some sort of rest, or a scrubbing and was out of commission for a moment.

Winehouse, 25, was spotted wearing the much-longer octopi-looking version as she made her way back from her old house to her new one in Camden, assisted by a large bald man. Is he one of those security dudes you hire that prevents you from buying drugs? Good move, Amy.

Lately, Winehouse seems to have given up recording and performing for beating up paparazzi and giving interviews through her intercom.

She did finally make an attempt to visit her husband Blake Fielder-Civil in rehab yesterday, but missed visiting hours so she went to a pub instead. Well, she was probably sad that she missed seeing him and decided to drink her feelings.

Amy didn’t jump into a cab until 4 PM yesterday, so she turned around five minutes into her journey to a reunion reportedly after realizing she wasn’t going to make it on time, according to The Daily Mail. She reportedly hasn’t seen her husband since his release from jail two weeks ago.

Perhaps she didn’t want him to see her without the hive.