Audrina Patridge Feels the Cops

Braving the too-cold-for-bikinis climate of November in Toronto, Canada, reigning Hills brunette Audrina Patridge, 23, hit up MTV Canada yesterday to appear on The Hills: Live After Show.

(There may be a lot more promo coming for The Hills; Audrina recently revealed that the the series has been renewed.)

During Monday’s promotional jaunt, Patridge seems to have made a couple of uniformed friends. With her role in 2009’s Sorority Row, has the budding film actress’s career reached the point that she requires a security squad?

Maybe she’s enlisted police protection because of the rough company she’s been keeping lately.

Most likely Audrina was just being her sharing, giving self and buying a few tickets for the policeman’s ball.

Patridge wound up the evening at One Restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel, where she enjoyed a late-night snack.

What; two cops, and they didn’t have a donut to spare?