Celebuzz Endorses: Letterman for First Brit Interview

As more goodies continue to shake out of Britney Spears’ comeback bag, we at Celebuzz can’t help but ask a small favor of the Circus promotional machine.

For her first Late Night appearance, we humbly request Britney cut the talk show ribbon with David Letterman.

Why? The drama of an evening magazine show ala 60 Minutes or Dateline is too heavy for such an exciting point in the pop star’s life.

Leno is in contract Siberia, Conan O’Brien is a bit too cheeky and Craig Ferguson is just a bit past our bedtime. Besides, Dave and Brit have always had something special.

Their legacy has always made headlines, from her announcement of her second pregnancy in March 2006, then stopping by eight months later to show off her killer bod and hype Blackout.

Give us the next chapter, Brit, in the story of You and Dave!

Who do you think Brit should tell-all to?