Jennifer Aniston: Sober…and Pregnant?

Jennifer Aniston just can’t seem to shake those pesky pregnancy rumors.

The former Friends-ter, who recently reunited with musician boyfriend John Mayer after breaking up with him in August, is once again the focus of speculation that she’s desperate to spawn before she turns 40 in February.

The New York Daily News reports that Aniston and Mayer were spotted at a nightclub in downtown New York Thursday night. The paper’s source says that the couple were “nonstop, dirty-dancing machines” at the watering hole.  Mayer, 31, supposedly “sang along to every song.”

Despite the obvious high spirits, Aniston stayed away from alcohol.  Thus, the pregnancy watch starts anew.

Of course, it’s also possible that, with notorious Lothario Mayer’s history of womanizing, Jen realizes that she needs the sober-eyed vigilance of an air-traffic controller to keep their relationship stable this time. Whatever!