Katy Perry Is a Natural-Born Woman

Katy Perry wants to get something off her chest.

The 24-year-old “I Kissed a Girl” chanteuse has been hounded by rumors that she’s gone under the knife for a boob job. Finally she could take no more, and exposed UK newspaper the Sun to a rant about her God-given talents.

“How could people think these are fake? Look at ‘em. Ask them!” the singer declared. “They are as real as real can be.”

Claiming that her nursing unit is “one hundred percent genuine and untouched,” the singer revealed, “I would never spend money on fake boobs. Shoes, maybe. A handbag, maybe. But plastic t*ts—no way!”

Not that Perry is opposed to rethinking her position when the years inevitably take their toll. “In 50 years time I may look like a Siamese cat in a wind tunnel, but as of this moment, the rack is real.”

Err, a Siamese cat in a wind tunnel? You tell ‘em, sister! Don’t let those gossip-mongers get you down!

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