Robert Pattinson: Drunk off ‘Twilight’ Popularity

Last night Robert Pattinson was whisked away in a car following the after party for the Twilight premiere in L.A.’s Westwood Village.

Pattinson, 22, slouched in the backseat of the vehicle, pulled his cap down and tried to hide his face. He appeared to be a bit groggy.

If he was drunk, Rob certainly deserved a nice stiff one; he’s been doing endless promotion for Twilight, and the film is finally out in theaters on Friday.

It’s already won the imaginations of Internet enthusiasts, such as the bloodthirsty aficionados on Buzznet.

Maybe R-Patts was just tired. The throngs of fans constantly screaming for him must be draining.

Either way, Pattinson revealed that he is signed on for New Moon and Eclipse, the next two feature film adaptations of author Stephanie MeyersTwilight series.

If Twilight lives up to the hype and catapults the young British actor to superstardom, the hysteria surrounding the sequel could be twice as intense. He really will need a drink.