Rumer Willis, Self-Made Woman

You couldn’t be faulted for looking at Rumer Willis white-hot show-biz career and assuming that her celebrity parents, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, might have given their daughter a friendly nudge in the right direction.

But not so, says Papa Bruce. Female First reports that 20-year-old Rumer forbade her parents from getting involved when she decided to go into show business.

“She sat us down and said, ‘I know you two think you’re big shots, but I don’t want any help.’ And she went off and got work on her own,” the Die Hard actor claims.

And boy, has that gambit paid off. The show-biz scion’s fame is so intense that she can no longer travel without donning a disguise.

Not bad, for a humble Kentucky gal who started out life being mocked as a woolly cancerous growth.

And some people have the nerve to claim that America is no longer the land of opportunity…