Spencer Pratt Pulled Over for His Plates

Spencer Pratt Pulled Over for His Plates-photo

Heidi Montag's boyfriend may enjoy dining out at trendy Hollywood eateries, but when it comes to his driving, Spencer Pratt is getting served in quite another way.

Pratt, 25, was cruising around West Hollywood, California, without front or back license plates being displayed—as California law requires—last week, reports TMZ. Police pulled him over.

The reality TV star was issued a "fixable ticket." He needs only put the proper tags on his plates, show them to L.A. traffic court and pay $10 to be in the clear.

In the meantime, Spencer and Heidi, 22, are set to appear as themselves in an upcoming episode of CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. They'll star alongside fellow guests Kim Kardashian, 28, and Kendra Wilkinson, 23.

Hopefully Spencer remembers to keep his visitor's pass on his dash when parking in the studio lot.



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  • hispanicatthedisco

    The cops should have tasered his scrotum while they had him in custody.

  • huggcc

    cool guy,does he still hook up with those tall beauties on the tall dating site ____tallchat.com____ ???The last time I saw his profile is last monday, hope he does not leave.

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    there are so many other things he should be booked for