‘Twilight’ Falls on Los Angeles

E! reports that the Los Angeles world premiere of the vampire teen flick Twilight was total chaos in Westwood Village last night.

“Thousands” of fans reportedly stood on corners near the Mann Village and Bruin Theatres to scream and cheer for the stars of the movie (tentacle-haired heartthrob Robert Pattinson, 22, and Kristen Stewart, 18, with her hair up in waves and clad in an edgy, red, white and silver asymmetrical dress) as they arrived on the red carpet.

The film’s other actors, Peter Facinelli, 35, (husband of 90210’s Jennie Garth) and young stars of tomorrow Kellan Lutz, 23, Cam Gigandet, 26, Jackson Rathbone, 24, and Taylor Lautner, 16, were also shrieked for.

And even the writer of the Twilight book series, Stephanie Meyer, was screamed at and besieged for autographs. Writers are superstars now thanks to JK Rowling!

Actor Jamie Foxx, musician Perry Farrell, and the band Paramore (who have a single on the film’s soundtrack) were also in attendance.

The rest of the world will have to wait until Friday to see if the film lives up to the all of the anticipation.

Hopes are particularly high across the Internet, typified by the bloody optimists of Buzznet.