Cameron Diaz Gets Good and Giggly on ‘Iconoclasts’

While Cameron Diaz is usually celebrated for being gorgeous or a goofball, the Sundance Channel gave a serious nod to the actress by naming her an Iconoclast.

The bubbly-laughed Diaz, along with architect Cameron Sinclair, were brought together for their respective passion projects—hers the environment, and his equal housing.

Though they might not match on paper, the the two share a common purpose when they travel to Mississippi and New Orleans (to spot the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina) on Thursday’s episode of the Sundance Channel series.

Check out Diaz and Sinclair in action:

And while Diaz is intent on renewable resources and reducing her carbon Jimmy Choo-print, we still can’t resist a good Cameron cackle. Check her out tomorrow night at 10pm on the Sundance Channel.

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