‘DWTS’: Drama, Tears and One Less Couple

With this dangerous season of Dancing With the Stars winding down to the finals, emotions are running high, E! Online reports.  

Hannah Montana star Cody Linley and his 20-year-old dance partner, Julianne Hough, got the boot last night, and Linley took the elimination pretty hard. The 18-year-old hoofer burst into tears at the news, and required a few minutes to dry his eyes before heading for the press line to answer reporters’ queries.

Maybe Linley was emotionally devastated because his days of making awkward passes at Dancing’s female contestants have come to an end?

The recently appendix-free Hough, however, was more composed than her weepy accomplice. In fact, she managed to work in a shout-out for her 23-year-old brother, Derek Hough, who’s moving on to the finals with his partner, 37-year-old former Wild On! hostess Brooke Burke.

The supportive sib burst into Derek and Brooke’s post-game interview to declare, “”If you voted for Cody and me, vote for Brooke and Derek!”

Hmm; wonder how Dancing’s remaining contestants—Lance Bass, Lacey Schwimmer, Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson—feel about Julianne’s nepotistic shout-out.

But then, family support will only take a person so far where this competition’s concerned.