Joaquin Phoenix: Cameras Rolling on ‘Retired’ Actor

Could Joaquin Phoenix be making a movie about his decision to leave movies?

It certainly seemed that way last night at Hollywood hotspot Bardot, where the decidedly scruffy actor turned up with brother-in-law Casey Affleck and his own personal camera crew.

Despite a strict no-photography policy, Phoenix had footage rolling for the duration of the spot’s Monday night party, where Ryan Gosling jumped on the turntables for clubgoers like DJ AM and Lance Bass.

“It was definitely strange,” an onlooker tells Celebuzz of Phoenix. “It was as if he was in character. Very Andy Kaufman-esque.”

This isn’t the first time Joaquin has been spotted with the crew, either. Phoenix was with them just before Halloween, when he appeared at a Paul Newman charity event, he announced to TV’s Extra that his current film Two Lovers “will be my last performance as an actor…I’m not doing films anymore.”

Except, perhaps, the one he’s shooting all over Hollywood.

“It’s about his transition to music,” one insider tells us of Phoenix’s future goals to rock rather than act.

Perhaps old habits die hard, then, as he seems to be recording a lot of living in the process.

Reps for the actor tell Celebuzz they have no idea what the crew is for, but once they do, we “and the rest of the world will know.”