Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: Time Out!

Globe-trotting lovers Lindsay Lohan, 22, and Samantha Ronson, 31, don’t deserve a break.

All that travel (back and forth from Paris and London) and work (on Samantha’s part at least) and being bombarded with white powder would take a toll on even the most committed, traditional couple.

The alternative pair were evidently at a frayed wit’s end Tuesday after a night of high life in London.

Arriving back at their lodgings from Boujis nightclub, Samantha rushed from the cab into the hotel.  Left behind in the taxi, Lindsay appeared visibly upset and took a ten-minute break before running into the building.

All seemed to be fine again, or at least travel ready, on Wednesday morning.  Sam and Lindsay were charted at Heathrow Airport, boarding a flight for the Arab emirate of Dubai.

The two are expected to attend the grand opening of a massive luxury hotel in that land of riches and excess.

Hopefully, all they’ll need is some pedi and mani pampering and side-by-side massages to remind them of what’s really important in this life.