Marc Jacobs Is $1 Million Poorer

If 45-year-old super designer Marc Jacobs is any indications, it’s not enough in the fashion world to be talented and beloved by a cadre of fabulous and famous friends.  You also have to spread a little cash around.

Jacobs counts style icon Victoria Beckham, 34, among his many celebrity boosters. And he counts James Jackson, the former Superintendent of New York City’s 69th Regiment Armory, as among his sleaziest past acquaintances.

According to a ruling by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, reports TMZ, Jackson had been demanding bribes from Jacobs and other garment industry players over the past eight years.  In return for their clandestine payouts, Jackson would grant preferential use of the Armory for fashion shows.

Not only did Marc Jacobs International

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