Russell Crowe's Take the Kids to Work Day

Russell Crowe's Take the Kids to Work Day-photo

A Body of Lies seems like the last thing big-screen star Russell Crowe would have on his resume Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles. The Australian man's man totes along his sons Charles, 4, and Tenyson, 3, while finishing up work on his next project, State of Play.  The bond between father and sons is nothing less than honest-to-goodness true love and cuteness.

Crowe, 44, replaced Brad Pitt for the lead role in State of Play, which will add another political thriller to the Academy Award-winner's credits. The film, an adaptation of a 2003 British miniseries, also stars Rachel McAdams and Helen Mirren.

Crowe put on an extra spare tire for his part as a stay-at-home spy opposite lean Leonardo DiCaprio in Body of Lies.

Seemingly, Russell has been in no hurry to shed the show weight.  But if he keeps lifting those kids over his head every day, after a few years he'll have a very vigorous workout program.  Especially if he gives Charles and Tenyson a couple more siblings.

And his physique will be back to his Gladiator glory days.



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  • susi079

    Tennyson is taken from a name of an English poet, Alfred Tennyson (6 August 1809 – 6 October 1892). Russ had already explained this when his 2nd son was born two years ago. Yes, Russ is a lot slimmer now. He has to do so due to his next role in "Nottingham", a revisionist story of Robin Hood tale directed by Sir Ridley Scott next February 2009 in UK.

  • Anonymous

    Tennyson is 2, Charlie is 4. He's lost most of the weight from Body of Lies, but in State of Play, which filmed right after Body of Lies, he was still kind of heavy. So, for these re-shoots, he has to look like he did during the original filming for State of Play for continuityy purposes. His costume coat in the photos would seem to be padded, as he's actually a lot slimmer now.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Tenyson? What kind of name is that for a kid?