VIDEO: Angelina Jolie Tears Up About Her Mother

Yesterday Angelina Jolie, 33, attended a press conference in London to speak about her Clint Eastwood-directed film, Changeling.

But while discussing her role as Christine Collins, a real-life mother whose kidnapped son was supposedly returned to her in Los Angeles during the late 1920s, Jolie teared up when the subject turned toward her own mother, Marcheline Bertrand.

“My mom….there was something about her,” Jolie said. “Her name was Marcheline and everybody called her Marshmallow as a joke, because she was just the softest, most gentle woman in the world.”

Bertrand passed away in January 2007, at age 56, after a battle with cancer. Jolie’s father is Midnight Cowboy actor Jon Voight, 70.

As the interview went on, Jolie began to choke up.

“Um…F*ck,” the Oscar winner cursed, attempting to hold back her tears. “[My mother] is very much… She is very much Christine Collins. She was really, really sweet, and, um, she would never get angry. She couldn’t swear to save her life. But when it came to her kids she was just really, really fierce.”

Watch the video of the interview, via The Daily Beast:

Jolie added that she related to her mother while playing Collins, and that her own mother “had that elegance and strength through just knowing what was right.”
Jolie named one of her twins born in JulyVivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt—partially after her mother.
Changeling is in theaters now.