VIDEO: Miley Cyrus’ Love Life Is a Laughing Matter

Miley Cyrus laughs in the face of controversy—literally.

The Hannah Montana star—who turns 16 on Sunday—recently taped an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (which airs tomorrow).  Oddly enough, the topic of her main man, 20-year-old underwear shiller Justin Gaston, popped up.

Gaston recently characterized his relationship with Cyrus as, “Oh, just family friend, you know.”  Ellen tried to press the tween-pop sensation about whether or not they’re actually dating.

Playing coy, Cyrus erupted into an evasive giggling fit, claiming, “I giggle about everyone!”

Well, that’s not entirely true; sometimes she purses her lips in an inappropriately seductive pout. But, at any rate, check out the video below:


Let’s see; Gaston lives in Miley Cyrus’ house. The two of them go out on dinner dates together. And, on occasion, she makes it a point to publicly lick her lips at him as he struts around for her benefit.

Maybe Miley was laughing because the answer to Ellen’s question was so ridiculously obvious?