Zac Efron: I Love My…Members Only Jackets

Zac Efron rocks the ’80s look by sporting an array of Members Only jackets. If you grew up in the ’80s, you either had a Members Only jacket or you were a complete and total fashion outcast.

The High School Musical heartthrob has come a long way style-wise. He began wearing loose, beach-inspired attire at red-carpet events. Then he slipped into preppy-ville, sporting polo shirts under blazers paired with distressed jeans.

But his style took a turn for the worse when he cut his hair, dyed it black, and trashed his casual style. He morphed into emo territory. We were worried about you, Zac!

Luckily, he got back on track last year. He went from simple to slick by adding a skinny tie, white belt and his trademark vest.

But he keeps it neutral in whites, blacks and grays off-screen. Although he favors classic suits and skinny ties on the red carpet, his street style is effortlessly cool with graphic T-shirts and Members Only jackets—some shiny, some leather, some just plain.

Take a look at Zac showing off some killer jackets and sound off below if you’re digging his retro signature threads!

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