Audience Members Awed at ‘Twilight’ Screening

Devoted Twilight fans waited on a seemingly never-ending line at the Grove Cinemas in Los Angeles Tuesday night with the hopes of joining the lucky first audience to the long-awaited flick.

The theater, packed with members of the press and Twilight-adoring teens, was abuzz with excitement and shared expectations.  Shrieks and giggles erupted with the dimming of the lights. The moment had finally arrived.

Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward Cullen, beautifully breezed onto the screen.  The piercing screams of adolescent girls drowned out any dialogue that may have accompanied the image.

The film stays true to the Stephenie Meyer novel, capturing Edward’s and Bella’s electrifying romance.  Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are a match made in motion picture heaven.

Twilight opens to the public tonight. It’s certainly not a film to miss.

Tickets have had record-breaking sales already, but there’s a good chance you can catch the fever before the end of 2008!

And if you’ve seen it already, mix with a like-minded community here.