Karolina Kurkova’s Novel Navel

Karolina Kurkova can rest easily—and sexily—tonight. Her secret shame has finally been revealed, and a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Or, more accurately, her midsection.

Splash News Online reveals that the 24-year-old Czech hottie doesn’t have a belly button, but rather a smooth dimple where her navel should be.

The anomaly was discovered at last weekend’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  An eagle-eyed observer noticed that something was amiss with the blonde undies-shiller as she strutted across the catwalk.

According to Splash, reps at Victoria’s Secret have confirmed the missing belly button and say that a navel is installed via photo editing whenever Kurkova’s midsection is photographed (which, given her profession, is a fairly regular occurrence).

Not that the imperfection has hurt Karolina’s career any. This year, Forbes listed her as the sixth highest-paid model in the world, with annual earnings of about $5 million.

With that kind of dough, she should be able to buy herself a belly button. Made of canary diamonds and 24-carat gold.