‘Project Runway’ Hits Another Speedbump

For five seasons Project Runway aired on NBC Universal-owned Bravo.

After producers the Weinstein Co.’s contract was up at the cable channel this year, the company signed a deal with Lifetime to air the program.

But Bravo successfully sued in September to keep the Heidi Klum-hosted reality series from being moved to Lifetime.

The latest, E! Online notes, is that Lifetime went to Manhattan federal court on Tuesday to put the brakes on Bravo’s plan to move ahead with their re-gained assett.

“Lifetime asserts that the network holds the copyrights to the show and that any attempt by Bravo Media to hang onto it would be a violation of those rights,” says the site.

The Weinstein Co. is named in the suit, as well. They seem to have sold Runway to Lifetime for $20 million, despite the series not being “free and clear of any third-party obligations.”

The sixth season of Runway was set to air on Lifetime in January 2009; it will likely be pushed back till at least next summer while the legal battle is hashed out.

So where does this all leave 35-year-old Heidi Klum? Probably wishing she could sprout wings and fly away.