Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds Can’t Wait for Kids

Scarlett Johansson, 23, is something of a private person for such a public personality.  Sure, she’ll openly discuss girl crushes her perplexity at 22-year-old Lindsay Lohan’s hate speech.

But when it comes to relationship details about her and her 32-year-old husband Ryan Reynolds, her friends do the talking.

Pals of the couple have been chatting up the Chicago Sun Times.  According to the paper, Scarlett and Ryan desire to blend their chromosomes and produce a beautiful baby ”sooner, rather than later.”

Scarlett turns 24 on Monday and she ”wants to be a young mother,” according to the paper’s source.

The main impediment to pregnancy seems to be Scarlett’s schedule.  The young Ghost World star could easily book nonstop jobs for the next 15 years, by which time she might need all manner of fertility voodoo.

Currently, Johansson has completed filming on He’s Not That Into You.

Her next project, Amazon, isn’t due to start production until late next year.

From now until the end of next year just might be the window of opportunity Scarlett is looking for.

As for Smokin’ Aces Ryan, he can do his part and then just run about his business.