Somebody Get Lara Flynn Boyle a Sandwich

Don’t mean to get all heavy on you, Lara Flynn Boyle, but you really could stand to put on some pounds.

The 38-year-old Men in Black II star was out strolling in Bel Air Wednesday, and it’s a good thing that the Santa Ana winds have died down. One wrong gust would have made this the last Lara Flynn Boyle sighting in a while.

With all of the charitable works that Hollywood is known for, isn’t it about time that celebrities turned their attention to the cause of Lara Flynn Boyle? Stage an intervention. Have Cheryl Burke explain to her that big is beautiful. Send John Goodman over with a hoagie.

Lara has battled anorexia rumors for years because of her skeletal frame, and she has a history of denying any problem. In 2005 she shrugged off questions from Entertainment Tonight about her thinness.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” she said, preferring to talk about her then-role on NBC series Las Vegas. “We give it way too much publicity.”

Really, somebody needs to do something. Anything. Because this is starting to get flipping ridiculous.