All Jon Voight Wants for Xmas: Two Grandkids

All Jon Voight Wants for Xmas: Two Grandkids-photo

Jon Voight only wants two small bundles under his Christmas tree—Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, the newborn twins belonging to his daughter Angelina Jolie and her man Brad Pitt.

"The twins! Holy smokes...I'm hoping, so we'll see," the actor told OK! Magazine last night in New York City, when asked who he's hoping to spend the holidays with.

While relations between Voight, 69, and his 33-year-old daughter Jolie have been strained— rumors of late have Angie ready to cross him out of her life altogether—Voight remains optimistic. He elaborated to the mag that, since the birth of little Knox and Viv, Jolie's "very happy...I saw her here before the twins came, and she was so happy. I've never seen her that happy."

Hopefully some of that goodwill will transfer to Voight. Isn't that the reason for the season?



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  • Pushpa

    He should have said 'all the kids' that is the problem with their relationship - Angelina is a mother to 6 children, he is a grandfather to 6 children, not just the twins. ITs gotta suck to have a dad that criticizes your lifes choices to the public.. but she is the better person to ignore it and show up to his place with her kids.


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