Beyoncé Goes Pop in a Japanese Ad Campaign

Whether she’s promoting her mother Tina’s House of Dereon fashion line or channeing “Sasha Fierce” in her own pop music career, Beyoncé Knowles, 27, always strikes a fashionable figure.

But don’t expect to see the singer’s latest ad campaign for handbag maker Samantha Thavasa popping up in U.S. cities.

The sexy billboard pictured above is only being displayed throughout Japan, and features 35-year-old Japanese singer Takuya Kimura holding Beyoncé from behind.  The “If I Were a Boy” singer shot the photos during a visit to the island country last month.

“Kimura is very handsome, strong, manly and sexy,” said Beyoncé about her co-star in the campaign.

Kimura returned the compliment: “I enjoyed the time with her. She is really sexy and cute. I can learn many things from her to be a nicer guy.”

What are you saying, Kimura?  B’s husband is Jay-Z!  You want to let him know you were a perfectly nice guy all along!