Jason Chambers Rape Case Rejected

The History Channel has just saved itself an epic legacy blemish.

One of the docu-channel’s original series, Human Weapon, came under fire today as it was reported the host Jason Chambers was arrested ten days ago under accusations of rape.

Chambers, little known but well-toned, was detained in Los Angeles for suspicion of sexual assault, as well as using intoxicants to commit the act.

The 28-year-old was arrested on November 11 and released on $200,000 bail and ordered to appear before a judge on December 5. No official charges had been filed by the District Attorney.

Now in an update that must be kick-worthy for Chambers, also a martial arts expert, the DA has rejected the case altogether.

Attorneys for Chambers told TMZ that “after taking the matter under submission, the DA’s office found the lack of corroboration, delay in reporting, and the numerous defenses presented … to warrant a rejection of the complaint’s ludicrous contentions.”

As of yesterday, Chambers’ official MySpace page (featuring photos and video of the champ) listed his mood as “excited.” The same must ring true for today.

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