Josh Hartnett Has Performance Problems

Fans hoping to see Josh Hartnett in the stage production of Rain Man at the Apollo Theater in West London have been disappointed for the past few days.

Playbill reports that the 30 Days of Night actor, 30, has had to cancel performances since November 18, when he was taken in for examination at University Hospital.

Hartnett is expected to return to the production—which opened in August—for Friday night’s performance. In the meantime, audiences have had to settle for his understudy Richard Lynson in the role of Charlie Babbit, played by Tom Cruise in the Oscar-winning 1988 movie. (Theatergoers have been offered the option of exchanging their tickets for a later date of the play, which runs through December 20.)

The official reason for Hartnett’s absence is a case of food poisoning.

Yeah, must be something he ate. Like, for example, Sienna Miller?

Reports have surfaced lately that Hartnett has been hooking up with the 26-year-old Factory Girl actress.  Sienna’s controversial relationship with Brothers & Sisters actor Balthazar Getty, 33, recently dissolved.  Getty was still married throughout his romance with Miller.

Hartnett and Miller were reportedly seen at various nightspots in London last week.

Could Sienna Miller be the cause of Hartnett being admitted to the hospital? Is it possible that she possesses toxic, illness-causing properties?

It sounds far-fetched, but Hartnett wouldn’t be the first person that Miller has sickened this year.