Morning Frills #100: ‘It’s a Bust!’ Edition

Katie Price is many things, some of them utterly indefinable, but unsympathetic isn’t one of them.

The British model/multi-hyphenate, also known as Jordan, launched her newest Katie Price lingerie line at Asda Living Store Lakeside in Essex, England, today, bringing hope to cantilevered women everywhere that they might look as elegant in their underthings as she does.

The 30-year-old phenomenon got into the underwear-designing business to aid women who—like her—were having difficulty finding brassieres that adequately housed their mammaries.

“I’ve been wearing the wrong-sized bras all my life. I went to Marks & Spencer [department store] and they measured me as a 32D. A 32 f*cking D! Me! Can you imagine!” the curvy entrepreneur has revealed to the Daily Mirror. “I kept getting that four-t*t look, you know? But I can tell you now, I’m actually a 30GG. I’m finally wearing the right size.”

And now, thanks to Katie Price’s tireless work and devotion, so can the rest of the world’s well-endowed women.

Click through the gallery on the right for the glorious results of Katie Price’s altruistic efforts. Can someone get this woman a Nobel Prize already?