Sienna Miller: $130K Stripper

Sienna Miller makes a lot of money taking her clothes off in front of the camera. And not just in the nude scenes that she performs for pretty much every movie she’s in.

Reuters reports that, in the last week or so, Miller has collected about $130,000 resulting from legal proceedings against paparazzi agencies and magazines. The offending news services had captured and printed photos of Sienna frolicking topless with then-boyfriend Balthazar Getty, 33, earlier this year.

The 26-year-old Miller initiated the lawsuits in July, claiming her privacy had been breached.

Today, Miller’s lawyers settled with paparazzi agency Big Pictures and its founder, Darryn Lyons, for $79,000 in damages related to the photos.

The agency also agreed to pay Miller’s legal fees and agreed not to photograph her at home or pursue her for pics.

A little more than a week ago, News Group Pictures, owner of British tabs News of the World and the Sun, shelled out $51,000 for publishing the pics, which they agreed violated her privacy.

Miller’s lawyer, Mark Thomspon, notes, “We hope that people will back off my client as a result of this.”

And perhaps, with her newly-gotten windfall, Sienna can buy herself a sense of modesty.