Ashley Olsen and Monica Cruz: Go, Mango!

With her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen off gallivanting in Dubai, 22-year-old Ashley Olsen struck out on her own in New York last night, hitting up the relaunch party for Mango’s flagship store in SoHo.

Well, she wasn’t completely alone; also attending the bash was Penelope Cruz’s younger sister Monica, who also knows the pain of occasionally toiling in a sibling’s shadow.

Earlier this year, Monica, 31, joined her 34-year-old Penelope in an ad campaign for the Spain-based fashion company. Previously, the siblings had designed a collection for Mango based on vintage garments of their own.

Might Ashley, whose fashion-line efforts with Mary-Kate have led to some family tension lately, team up with Monica in a sartorial effort?  The two sisters can prove, once and for all, who wears the fashionable pants in their families?

Time will tell…