Taylor Swift Is a Fan of Celebrity Blogs

Taylor Swift likes you, JustJared.com, she really, really likes you!

The chart-topping country crooner, 18, professed her fondness for the celebrity gossip blog in CMT special Taylor Swift: Insider Special Edition, which airs Thanksgiving Day at 10 a.m., reports People.

“I go on blogs all the time,” Swift says. “I like to have things to talk about.”

One topic she might be avoiding these days is coverage of her own love life, or lack thereof.

“I don’t have issues with showing up on those blogs, as long as it’s not too mean,” she says. “It’s like, ‘Yeah, I ate a salad last night. That’s okay if you know that.'”

She goes on to add, “I’m not the girl who goes out to clubs and parties, but if I’m walking down the street with a guy and someone takes a picture, I’m not going to freak out and get my publicist to make them erase it. I live my life in spite of the attention.”

If only Naomi Campbell could take a few notes from Taylor.