The Wait Is Over: ‘Twilight’ Opens

Absolute teen hysteria took over Westwood Village in California this week as Twilight’s immortal leading man, Robert Pattinson, appeared on the red carpet for the movie’s premiere.

Thousands of screaming fans lined up for a glimpse of the Twilight stars, especially Pattinson. It seems so long ago that the star had a brush with failure.

Hype is huge, but fan anticipation looms even larger. Whether the film lives up to all the hoopla remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: It’s poised to become one of the biggest box-office home runs of the year. And it beat James Bond’s preliminary ticket sales. The soundtrack album went to Number 1 in its first week of release, which didn’t happen with High School Musical 3. Young bloodlust could break box-office records.

This weekend will prove whether Twilight is worth the insane amounts of attention. A Los Angeles Times critic says, “[Catherine] Hardwicke has connected so intensely to the [Stephenie] Meyer novel that it’s hard to imagine anyone else making a better version.” 

But a New York Times critic isn’t as gung-ho: “Like Ms. Hardwicke, the poor boy [Robert Pattinson] has been defanged and almost entirely drained. He’s so lifeless, he might as well be dead—oops, he already is.”

A New York Post critic agrees: “[It] combines the plot of HBO’s True Blood with the intensity level of Saved by the Bell.”

We’ll see soon enough which side of the fence moviegoers fall on.

Stay tuned.