‘Gossip Girl’ Star Blake: She Ain’t So Lively!

Blake Lively of Gossip Girl first made it big in the big-screen version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Now she’s a full-blown star and up-and-coming fashion icon.

But there’s more to Blake than meets the eye. She’s not as spunky as her last name suggests. In an era of party-crazy starlets, Lively prefers to stay at home or play bingo. She doesn’t really enjoy going out. The actress listens to live jazz but eschews the club scene.

Her idea of a good time is hitting up Williams-Sonoma for baking tins and trays, and making dinner parties for her friends. It’s a big departure from the drunk party gal she plays on the show.

Lively will probably stay in this weekend cuddling up to her sweetie and fellow co-star Penn Badgely.

Shake and bake!