A-Rod Is Losing Madonna’s Religion

Despite things heating up with Madonna and Alex Rodriguez’s fling following the Material Matron’s impending divorce from Guy Ritchie, the two undercover lovers might have hit a snag in their relationship.

Rodriguez, 33, was snapped while he and his manager Guy Oseary, 36, left Da Silvano restaurant in New York City yesterday. Oseary is also 50-year-old Madonna’s manager.

But MSNBC reports that A-Rod has been distancing himself from Kabbalah, Madge’s religion of choice, by backing out of attending private classes with spiritual leader Eitan Yardeni.

“He hasn’t even finished Kabbalah 1 (the introduction to the study of Kabbalah) and the majority of the time he’s spent with Yardeni so far was for counseling, not study,” says a source. “This is certainly off-putting to Madonna. She did drag Guy [Ritchie] into Kabbalah, she’s doing the same now [with Rodriguez]. But he’s bored. He’s basically a Kabbalah school dropout.”

Ritchie bashed Kabbalah in October, saying, “I don’t think it’s a religion as far as I’m aware.”

Whatever his thoughts on that matter are, A-Rod might want to consider trying to stay on Madonna’s good side. That is, if he isn’t losing interest in her already.