Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Wedding of the Year

Political activist Heidi Montag, 22, will no longer be able to testify in court against billionaire-in-training weapons enthusiast Spencer Pratt, 25.

Perez Hilton, followed by a host of celebrity media outlets, has reported that the terrible twosome have married.

Details are sketchy and few. “They got married in Mexico,” claimed Perez’s source.

The couple met when Spencer made a concerted move to join the cast of The Hills, an MTV reality show that prominently featuring Montag. The relationship between Heidi and Spencer was the wedge that drove Heidi and the show’s star, 22-year-old Lauren Conrad, apart.

The couple had previously discussed their desire for a spectacular and lavish wedding to be sponsored as a television event.

They had initially been engaged to marry in May 2007, but Heidi backed out of that trip to the altar this past December. Some of Montag’s hesitation may have been undue influence from her mother.

Apparently, Heidi has embraced the belief that no one better than Spencer will ever come along.